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Tai'an Yimeite Machinery Co., Ltd.
- Address: North of Xinmengguan Road, West of Xiaoxinxing Village, Guli Town, Xintai, Shandong
- Cell phone: 18754868222
- ChinaTEL: +86-538-7760788
- FAX:+86-538-7760899 
- International TEL:+86-538-8258599  
- FAX:+86-538-8258699
- Service Hotline:400-6587-226
- Skype:janeli2014
- wechat:janetaian
- E-mail:


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   Tai'an Yimeite Machinery Co., Ltd is located at the foot of the Mountain Tai,  South neighbour is Qufu of Confucius hometown,at the west exit of Xintai with 6 kilometers away from Beijing-shanghai expressway, the transportation is convenient and rapid. Our company is specialized in research and development of the cow and goat complete milking equipment, mechanized precision feeding machinery and farm ancillary facility, and goods import and export business.
    Since mechanized precision feeding machinery and the new series of the overall farm ancillary facility products launched to the market, our products have had a great-leap-forward development under the support of customers at home and abroad. With the continual development of company,  continuous innovation of the technology, with many years of rich experience and the latest technology, with skilled craftsmanship , strict quality management, and meticulous after-sales services practice, we get the trust of customers, and become a loyal supplier for customers at home and abroad to choose firstly.

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