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· Choose the design principles of construction and planning techniques cattle farm sites

First, the choice of site

     Select cattle farm sites have carefully considered the system tray arrangements and more long-term planning. Must be combined with agricultural development planning, farmland capital construction planning and construction of residential planning , must be adapted to the needs of modern cattle industry . The selected site , there must be room for development .

     1 , high and dry . Beef cattle farm should be built in high and dry , sunny leeward , the lower the water table , from north to south with a gentle , low , flat place overall . Must not be built in the hollows , the outlet to avoid drainage problems , flood water and winter cold difficulties.

     2, the soil is good. In sandy loam soil as well. Soft soil, permeability strong , rain , urine is not easy to accumulate rain no induration , help clean and sanitary drying barn and playground , help prevent the occurrence of hoof disease and other diseases.

    3 , water is plentiful. Have adequate hygienic requirements of the water, to ensure the production of life and drinking water . Good water quality , toxic , ensure human and animal safety and health. 4 , forage rich. Beef cattle feed needed roughage needed especially large , not transportation . Beef cattle farm should be from straw, silage and hay feed resources closer to guarantee forage supply, reducing freight and reduce costs.

    5 , convenient transportation. Steers and a large number of purchased fodder , fattening cattle and manure sales , traffic is large, frequent contacts , some transportation requirements rain or shine , so beef cattle farm should be built off the road or rail transportation convenient place close .

    6 , health and epidemic prevention . Away from the main traffic arteries , the factory 500 meters outside the village , the general traffic road 200 meters away. Also avoid contamination of beef cattle farm slaughtering, processing and mining enterprises, especially chemical companies. Veterinary hygiene and sanitation in line with the requirements of the surrounding non- infectious agents.

    7, the conservation of land . Not accounting for less of farmland.

    8 , to avoid endemic . Endemic in humans and animals usually caused by soil, water deficiency or excess caused contain certain elements . Endemic succulent beef cattle growth and great influence , although can control, but it is bound to increase costs. Should be avoided as much as possible .

Second, the design principles

     The purpose of the construction is to give cattle barn to create a suitable living environment, protect the health and growth of the normal operation of cattle. Spend less money , feed, energy and labor , to get more livestock and higher economic efficiency. For this reason, the design should have the following principles beef homes .

     1 , create a suitable environment for the cattle . A suitable environment can give full play to the potential of cattle production , improve feed utilization. Generally , depending on the productivity of livestock species 20% , 40% -50 % depending on the feed, 20% -30 % depending on the environment . Inappropriate ambient temperature can make 10-30% decline in productivity of livestock . Moreover, even if the full price of feed fed , if there is no suitable environment , feed conversion can not maximize livestock ; thereby reducing the efficiency of feed utilization . Thus, when the construction of barns , livestock must meet the requirements of a variety of environmental conditions , including temperature , humidity , ventilation , light, air, carbon dioxide , ammonia, hydrogen sulfide , and create a suitable environment for the animals.

     2, to meet the requirements of the production process to ensure the smooth implementation of the production and animal husbandry and veterinary technical measures . Beef cattle production process , including the composition and working methods , shipping forage , feeding, drinking , manure removal , also include measuring , weighing, semen insemination , prevention , care and other technical measures of production . Built barn must be combined with the field of production processes. Otherwise, it is bound to cause inconvenience to the production , and even make production impossible.

     3 , strict health and epidemic prevention , prevention of disease transmission . Epidemic diseases will pose a threat for cattle , causing economic losses. By construction norms barn , to create a suitable environment for the animals , will prevent or reduce the occurrence of disease . In addition, special attention should be built barn hygiene requirements , in order to facilitate the implementation of veterinary epidemic prevention system. According to immunization requirements for site planning and building a reasonable layout , orientation and spacing determined barn , set disinfection facilities , sewage treatment facilities and other reasonable place .

     4 , to be economically reasonable and technically feasible . Under the premise of meeting the above three requirements , housing construction should also try to reduce the cost and equipment investment projects to reduce production costs, accelerate cash flow . Thus , housing construction to try to take advantage of the favorable natural conditions ( such as natural ventilation, natural lighting , etc. ) , try to make the best use of local construction habits, appropriate reduction in ancillary space area . Barn construction design must be able to achieve , otherwise , no matter how good the program is technically feasible and construction , can only be utopian design.

Third, the configuration requirements for cattle buildings

     Configure cattle farm buildings to local conditions, ease of management , is conducive to production, to facilitate prevention, security and so on. Unified planning , rational distribution . Be neat , compact , high utilization and conservation of land investment, economic and practical.

     1 barn . China's vast territory , north and south, the climate differences between things . Northeast China , Inner Mongolia, Qinghai barn designed primarily cold, mainly south of the Yangtze places heatstroke . Form the basis for breeding barn size and rearing methods may be. Barn feeding and management should be easy to build , easy to light , easy summer heatstroke , winter cold , easy to vaccination . When the construction of the barn several buildings , should take long axis parallel configuration, when the barn more than 4 , you can configure two parallel lines , alignment around , more than 10 meters apart .

    2 , feed library . Built position should be selected from the complete circuit of the barn are more moderate position , and the location is slightly higher, namely dry and ventilated , but also conducive to each barn finished material transport . 3 , dry grass huts and libraries . Let the wind as much as possible the next area, and around the premises for at least 50 meters in distance , individually built , both to prevent the effects of scattered grass barn beautiful environment , but also to achieve fire safety .

    4 , silos or silage pool. Built -election with the principles set feed library . Moderate position , higher ground , to prevent waste such as sewage pollution into the dip , while considering the ke convenient transportation , reduce labor intensity.

   5 , veterinary room , sick barn . Cattle should be located in the limelight , but relatively remote corner , easy to isolate and reduce the spread of air and water pollution .

   6 , offices and homes located outside workers live cattle to higher ground on the limelight, to prevent air and water pollution and infectious diseases . Cattle guard gate should be located and sterilization room, pool disinfection .

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