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· TMR six common application errors TMR technology

Mixed over a

    Mix should be completed in all feed ingredients added to 3-10 minutes. Over mixing will result in the separation of various feed ingredients ( especially when mixed feed is dry ) , reduce the size and excessive feed grinding feed. And further lead to indigestion , stomach really shift , laminitis and milk fat low.

2 infrequently test feed water

   TMR fed cows eat makes each one feeds contain the same ingredients, it has many advantages, but there are also a lot of disadvantages. If you do not regularly measuring the moisture content of the coarse material , then the obvious shortcomings of TMR will be reflected . For example , containing 50 % water 22.7 kg diet dry matter was 11.35 kg . However, if the feed water containing 60 % means that only 9 kg of dry matter . As a result , it will cause a serious shortage of crude fiber . Some dairy producers successfully tested once a week silage moisture.

3 no control roughage ad libitum

    If the lack of effective TMR crude fiber , you should separate supplemental hay. Generally, no more than 2.3 kilograms separate feeding hay is accepted by nutritionists . However , feeding hay alone might cause more problems . When cows have the opportunity to choose between TMR feed and hay, quite conspicuous . In order to meet the demand for fiber cows , cows need to eat a certain amount of hay. But if the cows eat hay , their diets only TMR feed, the TMR feed may contain 16-17 % of the ADF, the cows will be in a state of acidosis . If a cow eat too much hay , the impact of its TMR intake , the result is too inadequate rumen protein and energy intake.

4 . Too add supplementary material

    For some TMR is appropriate to add some supplementary feeding cows have a certain role . But milk producers and dairy cattle nutritionists must be good communication and communication. The new TMR users are less willing to believe that cows get all the protein and energy it needs from the TMR , and thus they have a tendency to over- add supplementary material . This makes the TMR once again become unbalanced feed cows eat feed with diets report inconsistencies .

5 crude Feeding Amount too small

    This error often occurs in cows can not eat diets with down time . Producers considered fine feed materials and the most important class of proteins , so they find ways to ensure that the cows eat enough protein supplement fine materials , thus reducing the Feeding Amount of coarse material , so the cows can eat all the feed - which may TMR users is the biggest mistake . The biggest advantage is that the balance of the TMR cows eat every mouthful of feed contains the right amount of coarse material and fine material . If you go with the cows eat feed , you do not just reduce a component which , while proportionately reducing the variety of feed ingredients. Please cow nutrition staff should be prepared to reformulate your field so that more realistic dietary dry matter intake .

6 errors in the mixing process

    If an error occurs during the mixing of feed , will result in different troughs and formulated feed ration . Avoid mixing improper emergence of a better way to leave the mixer feeds regularly conduct sampling and analysis . Laboratory analysis of these samples should be close to the data obtained with the data reported in the diet . After the end of the first pour out the mixed feed, intermediate and final pour out pour out of the feed sample may help to understand whether there are conditions in a variety of materials separation during mixing and unloading . In some cases , it is necessary to use the manual preparation of mixed feed a cow , and the analysis of its components from the mixer and TMR are compared to see how much difference between the two in the end . Sometimes doing so is necessary , because it can help to find out in the end due to dietary imbalance caused or TMR mixing caused by changes in feed quality .

    Measuring instruments should be calibrated regularly to ensure that the amount of various feed ingredients accurately . At the same time , you should try to avoid " short cuts " rather than determined by weighing the amount of each material.

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