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· Milking parlor rules

Milking parlor rules

First, the milking parlor operator requirements:

A, good health, good vision , a sense of responsibility to work

B, are not allowed to stay long, are not allowed to wear a necklace jewelry

C, uniform wear overalls, rubber boots, working hours of concentration

D, caring , love cows

E, meticulous work , love milking equipment , regular maintenance of milking equipment

F, assiduously, to fully grasp the professional skills

Two pre- milking preparation

A, in the milk into the milk filter paper filter

B, close the spray valve on the milk separator and automatic drain valve

C, turn off the amplifier at the suction vacuum surge clip ( mid-mounted )

D, open cow milking station entrance door , close the exit door of cattle

E, prepare a clean towel ( per cow a )

F, ready teat disinfectant

G, check whether there is oil in the vacuum pump oiler

H, the converter converts to a milk tank

Third, the boot

A, after these preparations are completed , the boot

B, the vacuum pump operating, check the operating status of the vacuum pump

C, check whether the pump inlet

D, check the vacuum system : Regulators whether intake , whether the degree of vacuum is normal, leaks

E, confirmed that no abnormal situation, began to notice milker milking

Fourth, milking

A, cows enter the milking station to be squeezed

B, after stand a good position, close the inlet door

C, the head 3 cup milk squeeze the milk check , observe any abnormal milk

D, with the nipple into the sterilized teat disinfectant after 30 seconds with a clean towel or paper towel to wipe disinfectant

After E, with a clean towel to clean cattle ready for milking teat cup group began sets of cups , cup sets using the S -shaped sleeve Cup

F, sets a good cup milk cup after adjusting the position of the group , began milking

G, finished after squeezing milk , depending on the situation on the milk cup set off manually or automatically Cup not too crowded

After H, dipping the nipple off immediately Cup

I, after all crowded finished cattle milk, cleaning work

Fifth, cleaning

1, cleaning preparations :

Cleaning care on A, all the milk cup assembly

B, the cleaning switch on the milk separator and automatic drain switch open

C, open the inlet valve amp surge

D, to the cleaning position the cleaning converter

2 , start cleaning , follow these steps:

A, pre-cleaning :35 -40 degrees Celsius warm water directly discharged until the clear- up

B, cleaning cycle :65 -85 degrees Celsius hot water , add detergent ( acid / alkaline ) , 8-15 minutes cleaning cycle , the cleaning liquid discharge temperature not lower than 40 degrees Celsius

C, rinse : Rinse with water until clean water is discharged so far .

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