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· Inner Mongolia dairy Dengkou relying on the project to accelerate the pace of industrialization

Inner Dengkou According dairy development goals, focusing on animal husbandry Tech 60000 San organic dairy farming infrastructure, to build a world -class organic dairy production base, the full support of my colleagues Mengniu milk bases , so that the dairy industry size, grade . Currently, the county dairy herds 32,200 , an increase of 28%.
    Dengkou innovative development model , to promote large-scale breeding . Accelerate the farming community , and actively explore the " Finance + Insurance + corporate + species of animal feed processing enterprises + corporate + breeding base ," the six-party interactive industry business model , and promote the county's dairy industry produced by the dispersion model to scale, standardization professional direction. Currently , the county has a total dairy farming cooperatives ( cattle district ) 25 , where herds 500-800 head over cooperatives 20 , 1000 more than five cooperatives .
    Dengkou construction to treasure as the representative of the high standards cow dairy farming area , three large-scale breeding cows filled park, start the implementation of Pangu , Tyurin ten thousand organic dairy farming base. This year , the government and the Inner Dengkou Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. signed a holy animal husbandry building a world -class production base of organic milk and organic food processing industrial park agreement , to be completed in the county within six standardized organic cow farms, organic dairy farming for the year is expected to be reached twenty thousand .
    Entire dairy farming industry continues to accelerate the industrialization process . In recent years, investment in the dairy industry Dengkou increased year by year , relying on project support to make further accelerate the industrialization process . Relying Mengniu , St. husbandry Tech, the West's largest organic dairy production base is Dengkou gradually formed .

· Inner Mongolia dairy Dengkou relying on the project to accelerate the pace of industrialization 2014-3-11 This article has been read 4117 Time
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