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· Vacuum pump milking machine system principles

Department of milking machines and milking vacuum pump consists of two parts composed . The former mainly includes vacuum pumps, motors, vacuum tank, vacuum regulator, vacuum gauge , etc. ; latter by a milking pail , beat (or pulse device ) , set milk , a cup of milk , and some duct and hose formed. Each milking machines , including 8 to 10 milking , enough for 100 to 120 cows milking purposes. The new pipeline milking machine, no milking buckets, milk by milking the milking cups , a pipeline directly from the inflow of milk storage tank , completely isolated from the outside world ; and can automatically adjust the milking vacuum pressure according to the milk flow after squeezing the net off automatically , without " emptying the car ." Milk storage tank made ​​of stainless steel tanks for the mezzanine , there are snake-like tube , and so on through to the 20th Freon refrigerants, the tank has electric mixer 2 , can milk the temperature quickly dropped 2 ~ 3 ℃.
Milking machine has two beats and three beats type two kinds . Country in the early 1950s , more than three- beat style around now is to use more two beat style . It works as shown:
1 . Two beats style
    The so-called second beat is milking machine in motion , resulting in two beats in a beat . The first beat is sucking rhythm, then the nipple is a vacuum chamber and the interior walls , rubber boot in a normal state . As the pressure chamber nipple and nipple pipe nipple inside difference between the nipple sphincter opening nipples sucked milk room, and then flows into the milk pail thereby ( or storage tanks ) .
    The second is to squeeze the beat beat , then still in the vacuum chamber nipple , and in intramural indoor air has entered , when the rubber sleeve due to the pressure difference between the two chambers is compressed , the sphincter closed, the milk stops flowing . The purpose is to use compressed beat way to squeeze the nipple massage to restore blood flow to the beat while sucking on the nipple being repressed .
    Two beats milking machine pulse frequency is generally 48 to 60 times / min. In a pulsating time , sucking and squeezing beats beats ratio is 1:1, 2:8 or 3:7 is also adjustable or 4:6 . When the beat with two milking machine milking , the vacuum is always below the nipple , so that milk mouth ( ie, milk cups ) nipples and breasts will gradually come in after 3 ~ 4min squeezed , although milk has not squeeze the net , but due to the nipple and breast communication is blocked , thus stopping the discharge of milk , milk easily prone to squeeze out the shortcomings . But because there is no break beats , so milking faster than three beats style .
    Two beats milking machine when inside the casing between the casing and the inner casing is vacuum , it will be sucked milk from the teat canal , when the milking cups in a vacuum tube , and between the inner casing and the outer casing when not a vacuum , nipple discharge stop milk and was resting . For normal operation, the casing is kept under vacuum , and between the inner sleeve and the housing is controlled by the pulsation , sometimes vacuum , sometimes filled with air.
2 . Three beats style
    Three beats milking machines in addition to sucking and squeezing two beats , but also increased the first three beats that break beats. It is easy to eliminate the disadvantages of two beats milking machine generated . But milking slower. In a pulsating beat the three time share is roughly: sucking beat 45% to 15% compression beats , beats the rest 40%.

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