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· Operating techniques and precautions for milking machines

Milking machine is to improve the quality and efficiency of milk , one of the key measures to reduce labor intensity. Milking machines mimic physiological action when sucking calves , the negative pressure generated by a vacuum pump , a vacuum regulator to control the degree of vacuum in the milking system , the milking pulsator and the rest produce beat air into the milk collection apertures through the claw to promote breast milk is fed milk from a set of pipes .
    A specific operating procedures
    1.1 on board preparation work ( 1 ) washing the milking machine . Before milking before washing with hot water 40 ℃ milking machine for 5 minutes, rinse the pipes , also check whether the system is functioning properly. ( 2 ) cows Baoding . With a milking machine milking some time ago ( usually a month ) , does not meet the milking machine milking cows in the milking process will panic disorder, affecting milking operation, before milking cow should Baoding good . Baoding method : with a rope to make a noose to trap the double angle , and then around the front of the head sets a slipknot cow , the cow tied to the railing, fixed. ( 3 ) teat dip and dry. After fixing the cow before milking began , first with the four teat disinfectant bath for 3 minutes, then wipe dry. If dry , closed air chamber pressure tube cup of milk before will rise, which is equivalent to an increase of milk cup, the roots of oppression nipple , causing difficulties row milk , while nipples congestion , causing nipple eversion , causing mastitis . ( 4 ) the first three squeezed milk . This can stimulate milk ejection , so that the nipple slightly open , but you can also check the health of the breast. If mastitis , do not put milk cup , can artificially separate milking . The milk out of the first three specialized containers must be installed in order to reduce environmental pollution . ( 5 ) massage breasts. After squeezing out the milk and cleaning the first three breasts, nipples and breasts not yet full, taut , indicating not yet fully formed milk ejection reflex , it must continue to massage the breasts until fully formed until the milk ejection reflex . In nipple and breast skin has a lot of pressure and touch receptors , the nerve conduction massage form to the brain by the pituitary secretion of oxytocin , with the blood circulation to the breast in the breast muscle cells surrounding the bubble to make it shrink squeeze pressure breast bubble, the milk ducts into the breast milk output by the pool .
    Attention to the problem on the machine after 1.2
    1.2.1 put milk cup milking when milk ejection reflex formed, soon to be put on the implementation of the milking cups milk , or else to soak in milk from the breast milk tank platoon will ease or interrupted. Duration of action of oxytocin is usually for 7 to 8 minutes, if not timely set of cups milk , shortening the role of oxytocin during milking time , residues within the breast , the more milk . It generally requires three to squeeze the milk from the teat cup sleeve within one minute , because the concentration of oxytocin in the blood at this time has risen to the top. Order sets of teat cups are: Clockwise from opposite sets of cups turn left breast area , so that both convenient and secure. Each cup of milk must be put in a sliding manner , and should minimize air into the upper corner of the teat cups . Milking machine pressure should be set at 49.1 ~ 50.8 kPa, pulsation frequency per minute
Bell 60 to 70 times , not too high or too low.
    1.2.2 Check the breast milk flow rate for each zone to check the flow rate , when the area is not subject to a land flowing with milk milk , milk cup should be removed , re- stimulation of the breast area to put on when you land flowing with milk and start milking .
    Issues should be noted that after the end of milking 1.3
    1.3.1 Remove right after the end of milking milking cups , vacuum valve should be turned off , then remove the milking cups , avoid using milking machines squeezed milk , thereby increasing the breast tissue stress and air into the squeeze opportunity cup milk , mastitis increases may occur .
    1.3.2 teat dipping after milking , the nipple should be disinfected immediately soaked with disinfectant. To complete the disinfection as soon as completed within tens of seconds when milking species, teat canal is open, after dipping into the disinfectant will open the teat canal , but also to adhere to the teat disinfectant , forming a protective film , can greatly reduce the incidence of mastitis . Teat dip can be 3% sodium hypochlorite or 0.3 % benzalkonium bromide or 0.2 % peracetic acid .
    1.3.3 recycled milk after milking is completed , the first good set of breast milk each level on the scale height records in order to calculate times of the day when milk production . Then Baji milk is milk in the milk back to the bucket containing milk or specialized containers . Proceed with caution , because the milk ducts milk back the momentum is large, highly unstable if the milk pail hand turn red . Meanwhile, the return duct is transferred from one bucket to another bucket to be especially careful when , milk spilled on the ground in order to avoid unnecessary waste and pollution.
    1.3.4 After cleaning the milking machine milk recovery is completed, the milking machine should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination of milk residue next extrusion milk. Cleaning milking machines must use a special detergent ( such as PC-A, PC-B detergent ) . PC-A and PC-B can be rotated using the first cleaning pipes with PC-B 3 times, then washed once PC-A , followed by alternate use , and finally rinse with water. Cleaning procedure: first with 40 ~ 50 ℃ water washing to remove residual milk , and then an aqueous solution of 70 ~ 75 ℃ detergent cycle , a final rinse with water 90 ℃ until water pipe excluded neutral.
    2 Precautions
    2.1 milking before induction training of qualified workers usually pay attention to health, work clothes to wash frequently and regularly disinfected , long fingernails short and you want to grind, at any time during the operation to veil with a sterile wipe wet hands . To be familiar with milking machines professional management, repair and maintenance of milking machines .
    2.2 milking vacuum degree of vacuum required rate is too high , easy to make the nipple eversion sphincter damage , its opening harden ; vacuum rate is too low , it will reduce the speed of milking , the teat cups easy to fall off . Therefore, the high pressure pipeline milking vacuum should be maintained at 49.1 ~ 50.8 kPa.
    2.3 pulsator pulsating frequency requirements too high will damage the teat sphincter frequency , bacteria easily penetrated nipple ; frequency too easy to make the nipple congestion , induced mastitis . Normal pulse frequency of 60 to 70 beats per minute. Pulsation frequencies should be tested once a week to maintain the stability of the pulsation frequency .
    2.4 Note Security encounter docile cows, be careful when you put milk cup to avoid cow kicked or kicking a bad cup of milk . Available two rear cattle rope trap ; also used to try gently rubbing his left breast , to be distracted cattle quickly put the teat cups . The best is to use the second method, after some time , the cows will naturally be tamed . During operation , be careful driving and treat cows, not whipped , kicked .
    2.5 cups milk anti- stimulus sets , first rub the breasts look , cattle have to be mentally prepared and then put milk cup , should suddenly put milk cup. Particularly cold winter, if suddenly put milk cup, cup of cold milk will stimulate the breast affected cow milk ejection . Breast milk cup liner is the only part on direct contact with the milking nipples . Milk hygiene lining directly affects the quality and the health of the cows milk , so to be disinfected regularly , preferably once a day .
    2.6 If you pay attention to hygiene during milking teat cups off the ground, on the dirt cup milk should be thoroughly cleaned and then put on , so as not to pollute the nipple and milk.

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