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· Principles and failure to maintain gas pulsation

As we all know , a complete milking machine pulsation system is very critical component , its effect will directly affect the performance of milking machines. Currently, users want to be part of the district 's cow milking machine , which is a pulsating pneumatic double pulsator vast majority of short pulse of gas , gas pulsation damping style and is divided into two kinds of air ventilation type, but their basic similar principles are to slow changes in air pressure through the air restrictor , which play a role in regulating the pulse frequency . In actual use, gas pulsation in the common fault has the following two categories :
1 is not pulsating pulsation
   Mainly for the reciprocating slide valve stop , no pulsation pressure output.
   ① This failure is common in the cold northern winter . Especially in the Northeast winter , the ambient temperature is often below zero Celsius , especially at the local store before use Celsius below zero , because the ambient temperature is too low , the slider has been frozen in the carriage , and therefore lead to the use of pulsation . In addition, at low temperatures , rubber diaphragm harden or crack is also an important reason leading to the emergence of no pulsation . Remedy: milking machine after use to put more than 4 ~ 5 ℃ place , you can also remove the pulsator in a warm place , the use of re- fitted ;
   ② There flapper to the base when installing pulsation is not inserted in place, or at work due to vibration slide cause leakage , there will be no pulsation . Troubleshooting : Install in place to ;
   ③ pulsator water, especially bucket milking machine pulsation typically mounted on the lid , the user when cleaning milking , and sometimes the lid immersed in water is likely to cause ripple influent . When the ventilation chamber or throttling hole filled with water , it will produce pulsator pulsation . Troubleshooting : After open clear water.
2 pulsation frequency is not normal
    Various milking machine factory in the instructions for use are clearly defined pulsator pulsation frequency range. Keeping the pulse frequency within the specified range , is to ensure the necessary conditions for milking machines work properly.
    ① orifice is properly adjusted gas damped pulsation frequency changes the main reason. Orifice diameter is too general cause rapid pulse frequency ; diameter too small, the pulse frequency slows, as long as the appropriate orifice regulating screw , you can adjust the pulsation frequency in the range of requirements ;
    ② For the pulsator air ventilation terms generally are not adjustable screws, the orifice size is fixed . In use, the orifice is clogged with impurities in one of the main causes of the pulse frequency changes . If you find that the pulsation frequency slower to promptly clear the orifice with a special tool , but to prevent the expansion orifice orifice in the clear , otherwise it will cause the pulsation frequency becomes faster ;
    ③ ventilation indoor water, ventilation chamber volume to make smaller, faster also make pulsation frequency , to promptly remove stagnant water ;
    ④ working vacuum pulsator will change in the pulse frequency is changed . When the vacuum was reduced , gas damped pulsation 's frequency will slow down , but the frequency pulsating air ventilation will be relatively fast. On the contrary, when the vacuum rises, air damped the frequency pulsation becomes faster , while the frequency pulsating air ventilation will be slower . So when adjusting the frequency pulsation must be in normal working vacuum , otherwise the results would bias adjustment occurs ;
    ⑤ pulsator with socket
If the socket is not inserted in place, will result in a small amount of air leakage , leaving the pulsation frequency slower. If the leak is serious, no pulsation phenomenon occurs .
    Learn more pulsating some gas in the course of common faults and solutions , then how do we usually make better use of gas pulsation avoid these problems occur in it?
    Maintaining good working condition pulsator milking machine is guaranteed to work properly and prolong the life of an important condition .
    ① kept pulsating 's clean , to avoid the use in a dusty environment. Because the dust will increase the pulsator slider wear , but also the pulsator air ventilation orifice blockage. Various types of air filters pulsator has to be cleaned regularly ;
    ② Do not store the milking machine at low temperatures below zero degrees Celsius . Pulsator stored at low temperatures , easy to freeze only produce pulsating fault , and wherein the rubber membrane and the plastic parts are easily damaged ;
    ③ Do not pulsator on the sun exposure . Exposure to sunlight pulsator , easy to make rubber and plastic parts of aging , deformation, shortening the life ;
    ④ Under normal circumstances, pneumatic double pulsator just clean the air filter, not often disassembled for cleaning. Pulsating air ventilation is not available immersed in water cleaning , gas damped pulsator While immersed in water without causing ventilation chamber orifice and water, but the water may cause the vacuum line , thereby affecting the normal operation of milking machines

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