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· Silage U.S. special machinery intended benefits

Benefits silage

The following main points :

An effectively preserve green plant nutrients.
    Generally green plants mature and dry after the nutritional value is reduced by about 30% - 50%, but only 3-10 % lower after silage , silage in particular, can effectively protect the green plants in vitamins and protein, such as fresh sweet potato vine per kg of dry matter contains 158 mg of carotene , after eight months after silage may retain 90 mg , but the rest of the season only 2.5 mg , the loss rate of 98 %.
    Green feed in both mature and dry process, not only the loss of more nutritional value , and increased fiber, coarse texture , is not conducive to livestock feeding. Silage also contains a lot of lactic acid, microbial cell protein , which are necessary nutrients livestock .

Second, to improve the palatability of feed .
    Silage can be well maintained fresh green juice diet period. General hay juice content of only 14-17 %, while the amount of silage containing juice actually reach 60-70 % , can maintain the original quality feed , and can produce sour, sweet, wine yeast aroma and special scent , etc. palatability , digestion and absorption rate.
  And some texture coarse roughage , livestock generally do not eat , but after silage fermentation , soft, fragrant and has a sour taste , palatability greatly improved.

Third, you can expand the sources of feed.
    Animal feed do not like or can not feed the weeds , vegetables, leaves and other non-toxic green plants, through silage fermentation, can become a favorite animal feed, sunny sunflower , Jerusalem artichoke , humilis , corn stalks , and some in Sometimes a fresh smell , some hard, generally do not like to feed their livestock or multi- use efficiency is very low , if they are modulated into silage, not only can change the taste, but you can soften straw , increasing edible parts quantities. Again potato vine , peanut vine , etc., when the leaves on the vines fresh nutrient nutrients than stems 1-2 times higher , but the process is easy modulation of hay in the leaves fall off, and made silage, these leaves can be nutritious All preserved, thus ensuring the quality of feed.

Fourth, you can eliminate pests, pathogens and weeds.
    Many pests damage crops , mostly parasitic on straw after harvesting the winter, due to the guillotine chopped straw and silage , silage pits lack of oxygen and high acidity , the larvae of many insects can be killed. If, after silage corn stalks, corn borer will lose all ability to live the same token, silage will effectively kill the bacteria and green plants parasite eggs , reduce the growth of harmful animal , in addition, many miscellaneous grass seeds , after silage can be deprived of the opportunity and ability to germinate , such as the timely weed silage , not only through the reserve livestock feed grass, can also reduce the growth of weeds .

Fifth, to provide green succulent fodder for livestock in cold areas .
    When livestock silage able to colder regions lacking green plants in winter and spring , providing succulence , so maintaining a high level of nutritional status of livestock production level students , the annual winter and spring is the dam of pregnancy , calving, lactation, require more more protein and fiber and other nutrients , modulation silage can save up the extra green plants in summer and autumn , especially in favor of dairy feed industry and the health of dams to improve milk production and promote the growth of young animals .

Six , silage is economical and safe way to save feed
    Silage than hay storage area needed a small , generally every cubic meter of dry hay stack hay only about 70 kg , while one cubic meter of water storage silo can be 450-700 kg of silage , hay can be stored folded 100-150 kg silage storage as long as well, long-term preservation , even three decades still well preserved , neither bad, do not worry about fires and other accidents , and if using whole hoard sweet potatoes, carrots and other tubers , roots and tubers feed, only a few months warranty , rotten or germinate easily , but with silage , simple, safe , save time and long, in grasslands, pastures certain amount of grass silage , rational use of pastures can improve economic efficiency.

Seven, less affected by the weather factor modulation of silage
    In the rainy season it is difficult to be sun-dried hay and silage production , from harvest to storage time than modulation of hay drying time is shorter , and no matter what kind of weather can be carried out , thereby reducing the damage of its weather dangerous.

Eight , easy to use a variety of feed additives
   When making silage, urea can be added simultaneously , formic acid , acetone, formaldehyde and salt, molasses and other additives can also silage supplemented with concentrate or other material blended into "complete diet " , so that the nutritional value of silage more high . 99 students fermentation agents such as dynamic production farm " complete feed " method and technology is based on these principles .

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