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· Silage quality is good or bad a quick identification of intended U.S. special machinery

Raw material ( corn stalks , etc. ) to open silage pit after 40 days of feeding cattle , sheep and other livestock . Silage quality is good or bad , can be identified from the color , smell and texture three aspects . Now its method of identification are described below:
Color silage color due to different raw materials and modulation methods vary . Silage colors closer to the color of the raw material as possible . Good quality silage is green or yellow-green ; moderate quality silage was brown or dark green ; poor silage brown. Silage fermentation conditions at elevated temperatures usually made ​​of mostly brown.
The smell of good quality silage with acid flavor, somewhat like lees flavor and slightly weak acid fruit flavor, no musty smell in his hands , but not pungent sour odor ; moderate quality silage slightly wine flavor, pungent sour, pregnancy is not suitable for feeding livestock ; poor quality silage with special pungent smell rancid or musty, have lost value , then it can not be fed livestock .
Good texture in the cellar weight of silage is very real, but they quickly get hands loose , soft texture and slightly moist , thick stems and leaves remain like . Conversely , if a ball like a leaf sticky sludge, or loose texture dry, stiff , that means too much water too little , poor quality.

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