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· Italian anti-freezing winter cows U.S. special machinery

Cold season feeding cows , in the long cold effect , can easily cause cows freeze damage. Common cold day the cow tied to long-established cold wind out of the loop does not move or open circles and scattered cattle feeding . Even in captivity , if the environment is damp , cold winds and fed cattle do not eat and hunger , but also make cattle limbs frostbite , especially the exposed ui , nose, tail, legs, breasts, nipple , vulva , scrotum, foreskin , etc. peripheral parts , more vulnerable to freeze damage. But often overlooked.
Frostbite hazard for cattle
Superficial frostbite after cold harm the skin , blood vessels strong contraction of the tissue ischemia, the pale skin turned blue-violet . Vasodilation after rewarming , skin congestion, frostbite site burning, itching, redness and heat pain . Severe cold blisters of varying sizes, bubble liquid and transparent, pain, two or three weeks after the blisters dry to form a dry scab , scab off when there is a new skin to cover the wound .
Deep frostbite harm full-thickness skin and subcutaneous tissue necrosis cold , frostbite and bone deep , necrotic ulceration, black dries , the last part and the healthy tissue necrosis boundaries separating necrosis Department rot off.
Frostbite treatment
Superficial frostbite treatment after minor superficial frostbite occurs , and not immediately baked by fire or soak in hot water. Available liquor, Chili Tucha several times a day . Boric acid or alcohol or alcohol with camphor massage the skin or ultraviolet light . As occurred in the limbs , folk remedies available , peppers, eggplant stalks, ginger and other 10 times with water to boil , the water temperature dropped to 45 degrees in fashion soak into the bucket , every 10 minutes, twice a day . If parts of frostbite blisters can be sterilized needle drained , with 30% boric local wet , dry and then with 10% sulfur ichthyol smear once a day. When ulcers after smear with Vaseline or lard with gauze bandage . Ministry of frostbite can be painted or camphor ointment 1% iodine solution , iodine glycerin when swelling.
Deep frostbite treatment should take early measures to reduce tissue necrosis and infection prevention . Frostbite occurs when cold as soon as possible so that the site rewarming , the injured limb soaked in warm water containing iron , and within 5 minutes to 10 minutes heated to 38 ℃ ~ 42 ℃, and to raise a little cold Ministry to subside edema . By large and deep frostbite when the use of antibiotics to prevent infection. When severe frostbite available PROCAINE closed , prompting an early loss of necrotic tissue , so that the wounds heal early . Frostbite infection , the removal of the necrotic tissue , good disinfection and wound treatment .
Frostbite treatment
Occur in the breast , nipple , ear, nose and genitals of frostbite , do not soak in hot water or roasted . Because vascular necrosis is not prone to recover before . Frostbite can be used for alcohol swab to gently rub , rub the skin can be a little red to blood circulation . As already ulceration, necrosis can be removed Ministry , after disinfection cast Unguentum insulation to prevent heat loss.
Emergency frozen beef
When cattle were frozen , especially calves produced under the open or poor insulation barn calves multiple, shall promptly be carried into a warm room as soon as possible with warm water scrub , massage to promote blood circulation. Simultaneous injection of camphor , such as tonic water or Lamine and give Huanxu drink hot tea as soon as available when the cast can not drink medicine stomach tube fed liquor, so Huanxu warm. Enter glucose solution with hot water to raise the temperature after severe sick animals when necessary, the economic value of breeding stock , etc. can transfusions rescue.
Cattle freeze damage protection
Cattle body protective body cold season to strengthen protection of cattle , grazing or movement out either , susceptible to frostbite in the peripheral parts such as ears, breasts, nipple , such as coated with vaseline , lard and other protection. Lactating cows and dry cows , preferably wearing cotton bra , the effect is excellent. In the winter the cows out , should have appropriate activities to heat blood, can not long stand still.
Build homes for the protection of cows cows insulation safe winter , the insulation must build the barn , ghost cattle , cow body heat to reduce the amount of feed at full price balanced nutritious diet with an increase of 10 % energy and 5 % fat diet , cattle feed , drink warm water to enhance cold tolerance .
Timely treatment for injuries occurring frozen cattle, to be treated. Either way therapeutic , both should be noted that part of the barn and cattle frostbite warm, to prevent further freezing .

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