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· Production and use of maize silage views U.S. special machinery.

A soft maize silage is to put the fresh silage corn stalks fill seal equipment , the use of lactic acid bacteria in the anaerobic fermentation of raw materials to produce lactic acid, so the acidity reduced to about PH4.0, the purpose of which is made of acid storage juicy, full-bodied wine with a sour flavor feed. Maize silage is not only a source of high-quality forage for grazing livestock in winter and spring , but also to prevent the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by straw burning , solid waste is an effective way to treasure use , it is worth promoting.
First, silage equipment : Currently maize silage common equipment underground silo . Its width and depth to 1:1.5 ratio of 1-2 is appropriate, according to the number of pit length and number of head of livestock and feed to determine how much , and at the bottom of the pit surrounded by bricks, concrete blocks. Requirements silo robust, does not leak , watertight. To smooth flat inside the silo , silage making uniform cloth stalls , leaving no gaps.

Second, the production process :

1 . Timely harvesting corn stalks is one of the most excellent silage crops. From the milky dough stage of the corn stalks are made ​​of good quality silage. Spike Lee now mostly closed after modulation silage corn stalks . When ripe ear of corn , and corn stalks only 1 to 2 the lower leaves turn yellow harvest , this time not only to get the most nutrients from the unit area yield , and appropriate water ( containing about 70% ) and soluble carbohydrate content, beneficial lactic acid fermentation , easy made ​​of high quality silage . Harvesting should have been excluded or spoilage or deterioration of whole yellow corn stalks.

2 chopped , corn stalks after harvest silage transported immediately to the place . Chopped with a chopper , a length of about 3 to 5 cm . The purpose is to facilitate the filling of chopped compaction , resulting in an anaerobic environment ; easily accessible. Another part can be quickly discharged juice beneficial lactic acid fermentation purposes.

3 loading loading before the end of the first catch pit 20 cm thick bedding, and then chopped raw quickly loaded cavities . Drill into the filling should , each filled to 15 to 20 cm thick when to step on the real, with particular attention to the edges and corners of the cellar , the more compacted more easily lead to an anaerobic environment more conducive to lactic acid bacteria activity and reproduction. After its completion of compaction degree of fermentation , feed sinking deep pit does not exceed 10% of the tight appropriate. Loading completed sooner the better, generally should be completed in 2 to 3 days .

4 tight seal pit pit closures to prevent leakage leakage, is modulated excellent silage is an important part . JiaoKou sealed well into the air or moisture , mold and other beneficial bacteria breed corruption , make silage deterioration . Silage corn stalks filled to more than 60 cm above JiaoKou can be stamped cap. When the first cover layer of chopped straw cap or soft grass ( 20 to 30 cm thick ) , then blanket plastic film, and then covered with soil solid shot , 30 to 50 cm thick and made ​​of bread type , to facilitate drainage .

5 Management silo sealed , to prevent infiltration of rainwater from the pit four weeks should be about 1 meter trench drainage. Should always check later when pit top cracks , timely overburden compaction, prevent leakage , water leakage .

Third, using the method :

1 . Improve the quality of silage corn stover generally identified after 40 to 50 days , you can use the open pit . To conduct quality accreditation before use , such as corn stover silage green color , with a rich aroma of sour wine , stems and leaves separate easily understood maintain the status quo , it is the quality of juicy fodder feeding cattle , sheep and other livestock . As already black sticky smelly , feeding livestock can not be used .

2 When feeding method starts feeding , livestock are often not used to feed , to feed through short-term training . Training feeding method is: first in fasting feeding silage , silage fed less initially , gradually increased, and then fed other forage ; or silage and concentrate mixed feeding, and then fed other feed ; or silage uniform mixing of feed and other forage fed simultaneously .

Fourth, note :

1 When rectangular silo access silage should be gradually drawn from one end , the heart must not dig holes to avoid prolonged exposure to the surface , affecting silage quality.

2 silo once opened , it must be continuous access to daily , not intermittent , so before the full mold proliferation , feed the silage had . If halfway stop feeding intervals and long , it shall be the original seal pit cover seal pit methods , and to ensure airtight, watertight.

How many 3 and how much to take a day (usually taken daily for at least 6 to 7 cm thick ) in a timely manner with mats or plastic film covering the access .

4 When silage surface deterioration should be promptly removed discarded , in order to avoid poisoning or other diseases of livestock .

5 fresh corn stalks by weight evenly mixed with 0.5% urea silage , the better.

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