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· Mechanical milking cows talk about the issues

As we all know , the use of electric milker milking has many benefits , such as , can reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. To improve and enhance the quality of milk provides health condition . Contribute to the implementation of breeding , feeding and other items of the technical work of the reform process . Create the conditions for intensive development of modern dairy industry . Help stabilize the team , such as cattle . It is precisely because of this, the use of electric milker milking the rapid development in China in recent years , Beijing, Tianjin , Shanghai and other large cities , the current extent of the use of mechanical milking more than 80 %, especially the larger dairy farms , basically a mechanized milking . However , generating a lot of issues worth exploring in the development of milking machines , and some observations produced only from a practical point of the rough .
    1 . Milking choice
    How effective use of milking machines , milking depends largely on the use of appropriate choice , the effect is good, or poor. How to choose what form milking and milking , I think:
    1.1 suitable for the needs herd size : with what kind of milking , which form to use , based on the size of the herd must be. The current market has rendered mechanical milking bucket , car type , pipeline , tunnel type, turn the ring and so on. After the herd stereotypes, according to head dairy cow per day actually choose what form , if 10-30 lactating cows , or small and medium-sized cattle maternity ward is optional trolley style milking pails , 30-200 by pipeline , grassland areas can also be car pipeline milking , 200-500 parlor is best to use the tunnel , fish bones, parallel to the edge type can be, 500 or more, or with two sets of trenches, or flat type 64 beds tunnel type, when conditions permit by transfer -ring ( turntable ) . Mechanical milking time investment is large, the producer must be taken seriously.
    1.2 manufacturer, brand, model : the current market circulation of Sweden , the Netherlands, the United States, Russia , Japan, Canada, Germany , and made ​​all kinds of milking , their advantages and disadvantages , be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of conditions and the vulnerability of the selection parts supply channels , if the local conditions of the lack of maintenance , consumable parts not buy or expensive, milking once a failure, it will affect the normal production. Example because not buy or can not afford a lot of parts and forced to shut down , should learn a lesson as well.
    1.3 Supporting : milker milking just solved an important part , to be achieved to the desired effect , the user must consider complete with the necessary facilities . Such as cooling systems, hot and cold water supply, washing disinfectant teat disinfection equipment , cattle numbers display, automatic off cup milk display and records. Which is worth emphasizing that measurement problems , preferably with traffic metering devices , measuring something unjust production statistics , management , and with the breeding technology, wages, labor compensation distribution are closely related.
    2 strict implementation of the rules
    There are mechanical milking its mechanical resistance, not random. Milking must be based on the use of text information provided by the manufacturer , with its own actual conditions , detailed, rigorously develop workable , possible quantitative procedures, such as , operating procedures, maintenance and repair of the system , washing, disinfectant temperature , disinfection, replacement of wearing parts , etc., should clearly enable the operator to memorize , according to their strict operation , serious , strict , stick , time can not relax , re- equipped with the best set of effective checks and reward system . Can strictly adhere to the rules and operations directly related to the life of the mechanical milking , milk yield and quality , destroyed cattle or not, enjoy lower production costs events , and even the key to success , can not be ignored . I have encountered such a dairy farm , the farm milk production quality is good, work quota 1 times higher than the local cattle , good economic returns , using the tunnel herringbone milking milking . When investigating its experience, the head of the farm field felt deep corner and said: a lot of good reasons , the most fundamental experience is head of the farm milk directly to the top table, the workers strictly operation, three head of the farm milk turns table top class, they do not top on the problem . Signifying its wonders .
    3 regular testing positive for subclinical mastitis decisive disposal of cattle
    Subclinical mastitis , it was reported that milk production could fall by about 15% , if not promptly disposed of, may develop into clinical mastitis , the loss can be imagined. Mastitis disease is directly related to the level of mechanical milking fate. I experience a cattle farm 210 new cattle production , subclinical mastitis positive rate of 68% , the incidence of clinical mastitis was 26% , a result due to the decline in milk production , able to fulfill the task , can not sell milk , the incidence cattle too difficult to treat conditions other reasons, to stop the mechanical milking , great economic losses. Practice shows that no matter what kind of milking milking must have a subclinical mastitis detection system , what kind of diagnostic methods are OK , the key is regularly inspected by the relevant provisions carefully take decisive results measures to properly dispose of positive cattle. Beijing some one thousand cattle , since 1991 , has always insisted winter and autumn once a month , spring , summer, two tests per month. Strong positive , or twice to stop the mechanical milking of cows , tick to change the isolation barn milking by hand , and to heal . The field for several years , subclinical mastitis positive rate of 18 % or less , the incidence of clinical mastitis does not exceed 4% , as the average milk cow head is always in the 800 kg or more. Adhere to detect achieved success .
    4 skillful operator
    Affect the level of quality of personnel on the use of mechanical milking speaks for itself . Emphasize three points: First, the maintenance man in addition to their professional technology, we asked him to be milked , the milk master the knowledge and know how to dairy farming , otherwise he would not cooperate with the milker , I do not know milk production depth, not qualified for maintenance work. Without an example . Second, crowded cattle cows who must master the behavioral sciences , physiology of lactation , milk and cattle breeding characteristics , must be hand- milking , milking the more perfect the use of machinery , the better. Third, all the mechanical milking operator must be trained in the theory and technique , requiring them to master the basic knowledge and understand the principles relating to the operation and can skillfully operate untrained defeats posts, " tuition " Flowers onwards .
    5 squeeze combined feed
    As the saying goes : Hey seventh -thirds squeeze , squeeze , and if not handled properly fed relationship, then advanced machinery and equipment is often because the long-term milk production raised not up , but was forced to disable . This is often due to mechanical milking milking specifically to deal with some of the people , said the milker , while others specifically cows , called the breeder . In the process of implementation of the mechanical milking , the cows are not familiar with the breeder if the level of production , he could not based on low-yield , high-yield difference between the standard , scientific cows , often resulting in high-yielding cattle not play due to lack of nutrition and good performance, and low-yielding cow nutrition, feed waste , affecting reproductive performance , easy to illness, so , not only did not reveal the superiority of mechanical milking , but it will also cause losses to the user, therefore , squeeze and feed must be combined with good links . The key aspect is sure to lactating cows milk production per head that day , to produce milk , the milk directly inform the total tire feeders , according to the standard cows so that they give full play to the production performance of lactating cows per head in maintained under conditions of mechanical milking yield levels.
    6 electric and manual milking problems
    Mechanical milking encounter temporary power outage , or a part of the milking device fails, and therefore can not properly milking . Therefore, the use of mechanical milking preferably with a corresponding generator , or two-way fight for power . Meanwhile, the cattle must have a part-time operators will be milked by hand , once the mechanical problems, much will not be forthcoming when available milked by hand in order to maintain production, or purchase a small cart milking device for backup .
    Mechanical milking is a good thing , if not handled properly in certain aspects , it will become a burden , many cattle mechanical milking several ups and downs , it is worth learning from.

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