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Tai'an Yimeite Machinery Co., Ltd.
- Address: North of Xinmengguan Road, West of Xiaoxinxing Village, Guli Town, Xintai, Shandong
- Cell phone: 18754868222
- ChinaTEL: +86-538-7760788
- FAX:+86-538-7760899 
- International TEL:+86-538-8258599  
- FAX:+86-538-8258699
- Service Hotline:400-6587-226
- Skype:janeli2014
- wechat:janetaian
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Click for more information title:Cooling Tank Views:2042Cooling Tank Click for more information title:Standing columnde milk cooling tank Views:2178Standing columnde milk cooli Click for more information title:Horizontal cylindrical milk cooling tank Views:2135Horizontal cylindrical milk
Click for more information title:Milk Transport Tank Views:3118Milk Transport Tank
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